Document Management

Think of all the applications needed for effective document management. Scanning software, barcode printing, auditing software, database management, copier integration, file cabinets, etc. Intact SMART has it all. With version control, inter-application connectivity, instant searching and a feature list that goes on and on, Intact SMART makes you look intelligent just by using it.

To take your business where it needs to go, you have to know where you’ve been. The trick is not getting bogged down searching, researching and wasting time. With Intact’s instant access to information, you will be able to make better, more timely business decisions. Productivity and efficiency will improve. Intact will move your business ahead by providing the kind of knowledge solution you need.


What is SimplifyScan?

SimplifyScan offers you the possibility to easily integrate scanned documents into your business processes. Capture your documents from anywhere and store them directly in the application you use, whether this is a Windows environment or any other CRM, DMS, ERP, legal or financial application. All scanned documents are text searchable and easy to retrieve.

Scan to any business application
Scan and store documents directly into your Windows file structure or other business application. Easily integrate scanned documents into your existing workflow to increase productivity and efficiency.

User friendly
The Sharp MFP and interface are examples of user friendly design. SimplifyScan is designed in the same way to make an easy scan experience possible. All SimplifyScan functionalities are made possible by the power of Sharp OSA.

Text searchable PDF & PDF/A files
SimplifyScan can convert captured documents into text searchable PDF & PDF/A files for archiving. Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) documents are made text searchable and as a result scanned documents can easily be retrieved.

Multiple output formats
SimplifyScan can convert scanned documents into different output formats like PDF, JPG, TIFF, Word, Excel or OpenOffice. Word output can be used for documents that need to be edited after scanning and PDF and PDF/A output for archiving.